Discovering the UK’s Most Profitable Property Investment Opportunities

Whether one is looking to purchase a home in the UK’s Profitable Property Investment Opportunities or as their permanent addresses, vacation addresses, addresses for ageing parents or just keeping in line with John Paulson famous quote “If you don’t own a home, buy one, if you have one buy another one. If you own two homes buy a third one and lend relatives the money to buy a home”, owning a piece of real estate or two is replete with gains untold. How then do you determine where to invest your hard earned finances for optimum returns on investment? In which borough will you be sure to have tapped into guaranteed demand? Surveys have indicated that Yorkshire, the North West and North East are registering UK’s highest and increased growth in real estate prices and will continue to report this curve going into a decade.


Manchester property investment

Historically considered UK’s second city. Real Estate growth in Manchester, renowned for red-brick, is rapidly outpacing London owing to strong growth experienced in its labor market not to mention a high retention rate of academic talent pool from a six-figure student population. This makes it out to be a hotbed for young professionals transitioning into home ownership underpinning demand for real estate. Manchester also boasts a very rich culture that boosts its image as a destination.


liverpool property investment

Hot on Manchester’s heels in the race is Liverpool which boasts United Kingdom’s fastest growing economy. Liverpool is inching towards an ambitious project that will see five new neighbourhoods sitting on a 60-hactare field. Property and real estate in this city is predominantly a young professional’s affair. Just like Manchester student population retention is a key factor playing Liverpool well into the top two.


leeds property investment

Leeds provides a genuinely interesting and compelling real estate proposition especially with the ongoing process of gentrification. It remains in relatively healthy demand with three universities providing a thriving student population that funnels into the long term resident and property buyers. Leeds is a city with lots of growth coming its way.


birmingham property investment

Britain’s second largest city with a population in excess of four million has seen an intense upsurge in demand for real estate. Birmingham’s proximity with London is a key factor in its growth in real estate rates.


sheffield property investment

Tenants are spilling over from Leeds owing to high prices in Leeds and opting to settle in Sheffield which is a softer landing especially among first time home owners. Homes in Sheffield are slowly gaining in rates and investors are beginning to see growth as one of the UK’s Profitable Property Investment Opportunities.

When planning to invest in real estate you will need to have an investment strategy.

What do you expect from your investment?

Do you seek high yields?

Are there areas you have particularly identified for investment?

What are your current limitations in regard to finance options?

What are the risks in the venture you have identified and are you prepared to assume debts?

How do the risks measure against the benefits to be accrued from the engagement / investment?

How will the project be managed?

Are there suitable partners in terms of finance and technical aspects of the venture? Identify them.

Set out your course of action advised on the above and set definite and achievable time frames.

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