A-Z Property Investment Directory


Land is the preferred option for many property investors, because of its lower cost, and lower maintenance expenses since no structure is constructed . Additionally in many countries, annual property taxes do not have to be paid to the local government bodies by the land owner. The land can be further subdivided into smaller plots for sale. The different land types for investors are as follows:

– Agricultural land
– Residential land
– Commercial/business land
– Government owned land, like forest land

Residential properties

A large part of the properties constructed are residential properties, as there is a lot of demand for these properties, since every family requires a home to stay. These properties can be divided into:

– Condos
– Studio apartments
– Penthouses
– Row houses
– Bungalows
– Mansions
– Flats or apartments

Commercial properties

Though the number of commercial properties is lower, the rates of these properties are higher compared to residential properties, and the rental charges for these properties are also higher. The rates for these properties depend to a great extent, on the location of the property, and the taxes charged by the local government are also higher. Some of the different kinds of commercial properties are:

– Offices
– Shops
– Hotels
– Restaurants
– Factories
– Parking lots
– Resorts

So based on the budget, risk profile and kind of returns expected, the property investor should choose the right kind of property.